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Surveying  ● Mapping  ● Problem Solving


How do you know where you are going without a map? Surveying is merely the physical action of making precise measurements which facilitate the creation of accurate maps - and we make a lot of them. Too many to mention here, actually. In fact, there are little to no types of maps that we don't, or won't make. Let's leave it at this: If it's there (even in theory), we can measure it and provide you with a map that will allow you to move forward.

3D Laser Scanning

There was a time that surveying was a meticulous point-by-point process, which required multiple trips to a project site and left the hunger for crucial details, unsatisfied.  Not anymore. We are a 100% Laser Scanning firm, and employ this technology on every terrestrial mapping project.  At 975,000 surveyed points measured every second, we survey more by accident than most companies survey on purpose.  

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Architectual As Built

We’re not Architects. We are experts in the art and science of measurement. When it comes to the measurement of standing structures, you are going to be hard-pressed find anyone that can provide the level of detail and accuracy that we do – even in pitch blackness. Using precise 3D point cloud data collected in the field, we can create most interior or exterior plan you can imagine; all for about the same cost as a couple of guys fumbling around with a tape measure.

Aerial 3D Optical Scanning

The best way to produce topographic mapping over expansive areas will always be from the air. Unfortunately, traditional aerial photogrammetric accuracies are lackluster to say the least. We are changing all of that! 3D Optical Scanning allows us generate accuracies which far exceed national mapping standards, on much tighter timelines.  

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3D Modeling & Visualization 

Making your concept, a “virtual” reality.  We can create a realistic digital 3D model of your project. This model may be altered to represent future or proposed construction. From this, various media such as full color photographs and videos can be produced. This may be invaluable when presenting to a client or municipality for approval. 

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Forensic Mapping & Animation 

Forensic consulting experience in numerous fields including traffic accident reconstruction, premises liability, industrial accidents, injury evaluation/biomechanics, as well as other safety assessments, as well as assault and murder cases (firearms, stabbings, deadly weapon, etc.).  in-house professional computer simulation/forensic animation, video production, technical diagramming, and other exhibit preparation. ACTAR Certified.


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Problem Solving & Scientific Studies

There are times when it is critical to have definitive answers to questions, where the variables are not defined - A train leaves the station in Sacramento traveling south at 75 mph; an hour later, a car leaves Modesto traveling north at 55 mph. Where should the chicken cross the road for optimum safety?  It's unlikely that you will have that problem. But, perhaps you may want to the precise elevation for your $50,000 overhead sign to optimize exposure to potential costumers and maximize your revenues.  And, how does that new sign relate to the street right-of-way? You may want to call us.     

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